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About SPL

SPL is a developer-builder based in the regional centre of Maitland, at the heart of Lower Hunter Valley, NSW's highest growth region. SPL have developed a streamlined approach to property development through our in-house acquisitions, planning and approvals, project management, and real estate sales teams as well as building an extensive team of external service providers and construction trades.

We believe that charity begins at home, with homes. By working to provide secure housing and meeting the basic needs of our fellow citizens, we are providing a healthy and sustainable framework for community and personal growth.

What we do

We work with property investors to create a uniquely holistic housing solution that benefits both the investor, and the residents.

Our homes are sold completed, not off the plan, and come with a package suite of furniture, rental management and a house full of residents. So our investors are guaranteed secure tenancies without the stress of finding managing agents, residents, advertising costs or other associated headaches that typically come with investment properties.

Investors buy our properties at market price, and as a side bonus they participate in a social enterprise that is successfully addressing housing shortage in Australia. Our investors are putting their money towards the greater good while simultaneously achieving the best possible financial returns for their investment portfolios. They aren't just securing their own future, their securing the future of fellow Australians.

How it works

  • We build the houses using our in-house construction agency, M&M Construction and Building Services.

  • We then manage the sale and conveyancing with our in-house real-estate agent, DRM.

  • We manage the tenants through Sanctuary Place, which houses people at risk of homelessness, thus providing permanent housing solutions for the most disadvantaged within our community.

  • Each house is rented per-room, with each tenant charged a flat-rate rental fee that includes utilities, weekly house visits and hands-on support.

Benefits of SPL investments

  • Investors currently pay upwards of $40K every year to brokers and Business Development Managers to handle their investments. SPL is against this policy.

  • We sell the properties at market price, and the investors don't spend any more than the purchase of the property.

  • Highest possible rental return per-annum because the house is rented per room, rather than one whole unit, which means the total rental value is above market rates

(a guaranteed $40-45Kpa rental income)

  • One year full rent guarantee from settlement

  • Fully furnished properties

  • Above market interest rate return on each investment including above market Return on Investment, Return on Equity and Return on Borrowing. Our ROI, ROE, and ROB is one of the highest offered compared to any other in Australia. 

  • Multiple options for growing portfolio and future capital growth within the SPL system once you've invested. Our system enables future investments via surplus rental capital either paying down your facility or adding equity to your investment.

Please see your referrer to the SPL offer for a full overview of the included package.