A piece of the world comes with peace of mind.

SPL is building a holistic, community focused, approach to property investment, house building, and property development.


We build homes so that others can live - Our beautiful properties are state of the art, modern and fresh with a focus on reduced carbon footprint and social sustainability. 

We believe that peace of mind comes from having your own little piece of the world, somewhere to belong, something that is yours. For many people this is out of reach but we have found a way that both investors and people who may never have had their own home, both get to share in a peaceful piece of the world. Through supported management of tenancies, our residents receive permanent homes, and our investors receive above average returns for their investments. 

Our unique system of social housing is changing the world in a way that everyone wins. Have a look at just some of our completed homes below.

House 8 0046.jpg